Code of Ethics

vosscom resultants base their decisions and actions to improve the welfare of the contracting company, its employees and shareholders in compliance with the Code of Ethics.

The owners and partners of vosscom resultants commit themselves to:

1. Respect the laws and generally accepted social values of universal nature. They are willing and committed to render an account of their actions.

2. Preserve for all their actions and decisions independence and neutrality.  

3. They will consider each project without prejudice to see if the prerequisites are actually met for its successful completion. If these conditions are not met, the project is rejected or the client is explicitly pointed to the vague chance of success.

4. Provide a customer-oriented service and always ensure the cost-benefit ratio for the client. All information will be treated with care and strictest confidentiality.

5. Purposefully align actions and decisions to the project's success and focus on the performance of its contracted services.

6. Always seek optimum efficiency on costs and results.

7. That the functions, quality, deadlines and costs of the project are ensured, making use of state of the art procedures and systems.

8. Only accept orders or delegate projects that match the experience and expertise of the manager in charge. If this fit cannot be guaranteed, vosscom resultants will reject the order.